A Prayer

Sono molto dispiaciuto di leggere sul web alcuni siti che pubblicano ancora tutte le intercettazioni telefoniche della mia famiglia durante questi lunghi anni di tragedia, orrore e martirio.
Prego tutti i miei sostenitori, amici, parenti e famigliari di non rispondere minimamente a queste provocazioni. Se qualcuna delle persone a me vicine risponderà o commenterà, mi sentirò costretto a dissociarmi e allontanarmi da chi vorrà essere coinvolto in ciò.
Vi prego di ascoltare le mie preghiere.
Un abbraccio sincero, Raffaele

I’m very sorry to read some web sites that publish still wiretaps of my family during these long years of tragedy, horror and martyrdom.
I please all of my supporters, friends, relatives and family members to not respond to these provocations. If any of the people close to me respond or comment on this, I feel obligated to dissociate myself and get away from who want to get involved on that.
Please listen to my prayers.
A heartfelt hug, Raffaele

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9 thoughts on “A Prayer

  1. Absolutely. I’ve already circulated this. You deserve peace I’ll do my best to make sure any negative comments are deleted and/or reported.

  2. I am relieved to know I have not seen anything like that because Had you not pointed this out I might have responded in your defense. I have no problem at this point ignoring and blocking people and pages so I never have to be subjected to seeing any heinous, malignant, irrelevant hate speech. I agree, let’s all just ignore these people. Hopefully they will choke on their own hostility.

  3. Don’t worry all deleting and reporting will be done with absolutely NO talking to these trouble makers at all. If it can’t be done like that these jerks will just stop cause they will see that they are being completely ignored. Your strategy is perfect if they ignored they will stop. You’re very strong don’t worry this all will pass soon. Praying for you.

  4. Dear Raffaele,
    Your have all my sympathy and my support as it has always been. I have never ever believed that you were guilty.
    Here in the UK the news that you had been acquitted for the final time only raised criticism towards the Italian
    police’ investigating system and magistrates’ never ending determination to find you guilty.
    I read Italian newspapers on line and at least on the right winged ones the sentence was favourably commented. I also read Mrs Bruzzone’s opinions on her blog. And the lady has always been on your side.
    All my virtual, personal friends and me have always based our assumptions on the evidence, and we soon came to the presumption of your innocence.
    We were appalled at the length of your jail time before the first trial. Nobody in Italy was ever subjected to such an outrageous treatment. We were equally appalled at your first conviction, ecstatic at your acquittal, flabbergasted when you were found guilty for the second time and finally over the moon when you were acquitted once and for all.
    I regret not knowing of your appeal for funding your defence as I support several charities. As Dido said to Aneas, Virgil Aeneid, B1,:” non ignara mali miseris soccurrere disco”.
    We could not care less for the opinions of your detractors, and we ignore them.
    My advice to you , your family and friends is:” non ti curar di lor, ma guarda e passa”. It easier said than done,after 8 years of pure hell, but please try for the sake to your family and friends, all the people you do not know who have always supported you.
    My deepest sympathy for your sister who was pressurized to resign from her job as a Carabinieri officer.
    Now it is over, it is not the of beginning the end, but the beginning of a new life.
    I would appreciate if you would let me know whether the account for funding your defence is still open, and if this is the case, please, kindly remind me where I can find the name of the bank, iban and bik numbers.
    I wish you all the well in the world and beyond and trust you will disappear “nell’anonimato”. I only want to hear of you, when you will be compensated for the torments and suffering of your family and last but not least your family and yourself.
    Enjoy life, love and be loved, and try to forget.
    Con imperitura stima e affetto:
    Lea Panvini Rosati

  5. Raffele, I am not responding to negative comments about you, because I don’t believe such comments. Therefore, they are a waste of my time. I would, however, like to take the opportunity to wish you all the very best for your future. You have handled this disaster with restraint, dignity and I doubt that most people would have been able to do this. Good Luck as you deserve it wholeheartedly.

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