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  1. This article that I have written is the perfect accompaniment to the statement that you just made. It proves without a doubt that you are innocent because of your upbringing, morrals and general values as a human being. All of this makes it impossible for you to have committed that horrible crime. It has to do with you as a man inside and out. Since it has already been proven that no such evidence exists. Please post here and circulate so that hopefully it will change the hearts of guilters who say otherwise. God bless you Raffaele you will see justice.

  2. Raffaele,

    I do not speak italian and have always posted my comments on Amanda’s blog (in English, though I’m in fact French !), I have no facebook or Google account but I know you speak english and I wanted to tell you exactly the same things I wrote to your friend in misfortune, because I shared the same thoughts for your situation. And this is the only place I’ve found on this website… Please feel free to move this comment wherever you feel like…

    Let me tell you first that in all those years, you behaved like a true gentleman and a man of honor. I wish there were more people of your kind in this world, with true values and “true grit”. You’re a great Sir as I could see it in “Honor Bound”

    Now the time has come, clouds dissipate, and I sincerely wished to say thank you in the name of thousands of your anonymous supporters. I wished I could do it with my own french words but will try in english once again.

    Yes Raffele. We also have to thank you.

    We thank you for this unforgettable example of bravery, patience, inner strength and fortitude you have given to many.

    We thank you for this long journey to the truth you sacrificed 4 years of your life for, and to real justice, that is fairness, and not only revenge or punishment.

    We thank you for this opportunity to stand and fight for human rights, dignity, and the triumph of intelligence over obscurantism and prejudice.

    We thank you for this incredible emotional commitment. We thank you for the fears and the hopes, the tears of sorrow and the tears of joy we all shared.

    Here in France, as in Italy, it was late in the evening on this memorable friday. Anonymous from all over the world were gathering on supporters websites, carrying their little share of anxiety. When came this verdict we dit not dare to hope for, I could almost hear people crying, overwhelmed by emotion and gratitude. This is one of those moments that truely make a life worth living.

    I am not exactly a believer. But I admit I confusedly thanked Him in the silent depths of my soul. Or was it the forever young and beautiful Meredith caring for her friends from a better world ?

    We thank you for letting us welcome you in our hearts and thoughts as a son, a brother or a friend.

    We thank you because, after all this time, I think that in the turmoil of this madness, all these moments made everyone of us… a little better. And eager to make this world a bit more human.

    Being on Amanda’s side and yours, with all your supporters, was a honor and a pride. And we will never forget it.

    Now that you’re free to see the world and walk the planet, Who knows ?… If life brings you to France, our doors and hearts will be open.

    From Paris with affection, admiration and gratitude to you and your beloved family.

    Take care, young Sir.


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