The Flying Cows

I will try to explain better my system (the italian juridical system in few words) … If you don’t understand, please ask me any question.

The italian judges (when I talk about judges I mean prosecutors and court judges because they are all the same in our system: the difference is only about the point of growing in their careers) in Italy have unlimited power, that means that they can state: “The cows fly” and the only way for an italian citizen to argue against this statement is to appeal to another court … which takes a year at least after the statement has been made.
The tragic fact is that in the meanwhile nobody can say a word against that statement because a Judge, who is the authority, has the power to say that make it be the law.
Even more tragic is that, if the Supreme Court in Italy accept the judge ruling: “The cows fly”, then ALL the italians HAVE to accept that statement as a LAW in all the senses and from that moment on, if you’re italian you HAVE to accept that THE COWS FLY, otherwise you are arguing AGAINST THE ITALIAN CONSTITUTION AND LAW accepted by the italian citizens.
That said any Judge in Italy can rule or state whatever he or she likes and no one has control on them.
Since at least 30 years in the italian government, the bureaucrats are talking about how to reform the juridical system, but nothing serious ever happened.
Many right italians are angry at Berlusconi because when he had the power, he didn’t reform the juridical system and it was his main plan when he governed.
Because of the mad insane juridical system in Italy, the italian government has been sanctioned by the European Civil and Human Rights Court for 858 times. I repeat 858 TIMES! And the result is that the italian government pissed them off completely!!
Because Italy is a sovereign government and their power and rules is accepted by the citizens!
That said a Judge in Italy can be completely mad and he can throw you in jail for no reason and nobody will ever stop him.
To let you understand, let’s say the Judge is a surgeon … Would you ever put yourself in the hands of a mad surgeon? If your answer is no, then you can understand the reason why I fear the italian government, they are completely out of control.
If me and Amanda subscribe a petition to the EU civil and human rights court, then let’s say we win … they Italy will be convicted and sanctioned again … it will be the 856 TIME … the result .. NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN ITALY! They just will piss you off like always because the citizens gave them that power.
All that said, if anything isn’t clear please ask me any question.
Raffaele Sollecito

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3 thoughts on “The Flying Cows

  1. I can’t believe in this day and age that any court could get away with such mockery of the judicial process or that the people would give such power to any judge or prosecutor when they have the power to change the law to one of fairness. What is the point of a judicial system if evidence and DNA or the lack of it are ignored?? How can the citizens of any state or country turn their heads on a system that is supposed to work for them? Young people’s lives have been ruined all for the ego of those that should be telling the truth about this matter. They are more concerned in publicity to make a name for themselves than doing right by Meredith and her family.

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