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  1. This is Absurd I can’t believe they are putting YOU and Amanda through this hell. They have their man in jail so what the hell is wrong with them. I’ve said all along you two are innocent. If I were you I’d leave and never look back. I know it’s your home but they have some kind of vendetta against you two and I think it’s because they want to persecute an American and you just happen to be with her. Sad! I’ll pray that they will get a brain and leave you two alone.

  2. Raffaele, I followed yours and Amanda’s trial, was so relieved when you were released from jail, and am so sorry you still need to go through the mud. I understand that the Italian judicial system is completely unjust. I still have a nagging question: why Meredith parents don’t want to be on the side of justice, of truth? Did you or Amanda ever sent them a letter, explaining to them that there is NO WAY to erase DNA evidence, which means there is NO WAY you and Amanda committed the murder? Did anybody try to explain to the parents that their daughter would be ASHAMED of them for persecuting the wrong people? I am a mother, I understand their pain, but if I was in their place i would seek ONLY the truth. Maybe you can try to appeal to them. Maybe meet with them. Maybe with her sister. Maybe the parents are too pain-stricken and cannot see right. But maybe the sister can.
    Good luck!!!

  3. A good article… only the actual count in the last paragraph would be 859. The EU has already received 858 complaints about human rights abuse in Italy. Yours would be number 859 (not 856).

    BTW, like the flying cows metaphor. The ISC’s credibility down to a T.

  4. Dear Raffaele & Amanda, I am an Italian living in Canada since 1970, I always said that no matter how honest you are, living in Italy you have to be afraid of even look in the wrong direction because you never know if/when and how you will end up in jail for no reason at all. I believe in you 110%, I don’t understand how can a ‘magistrato’ was able to trial your case (or any case if that matter) while he was under investigation of having used uncertain methods to get to the truth, using false testimonies. someone like that should have been removed from his place until he had been proven innocent (and we all know he had not). I am ashamed to be an Italian, actually I am not any more since I became a Canadian citizen many many years ago since I didn’t want to be associated to certain people. We love you guys and think about you and feel sorry for the heartaches and terrible things you were and are going through, we also feel bad for you relatives. Unfortunately in all this, the real responsible people that ended that poor girls life, they are at large laughing at the Italian laws and the way it works… or I should say… doesn’t work. thinking of you, Good luck, Maria

  5. hi raffeale i’m chinese and i’ve been following the case about you and miss knox. reading your article makes me think that you should leave italy and find a job in another country. every country has its own problems but what you said about the italian juridical system is just absurd. good luck in your future.

  6. Raffaele-
    Words cannot adequately express my admiration for you. May I ask a few questions?

    I assumed that during the appeals trial, all of Stefanoni’s bogus analysis data, which she was allowed to hide for years, was finally pried away from her for the independent review. Is that true or is she still hiding some of it?

    Also which Western European country is in second place on the European Civil and Human Rights Court’s sanction list and what is their total? I’d like to get a feel for how far out in front Italy is.

    Thank you and we are behind you all the way.

  7. We can only wish that the worldwide exposure Italy will suffer for what they have done to the two of your will light a fire in the hearts of the Italian people to demand a better system. It could have happened to any one of us or of them or of our children. Life is hard enough without handing all your power over to some sick, twisted incompetent clowns.

    1. questo stesso sistema ha dimostrato delle falle immense che mi sento in dovere di denunciare. Se fosse stato così garantista come si dice, non avrei dovuto essere mai in galera, invece sono stato 4 lunghi anni in carcere.

  8. Il mio commento nel quale ho detto che il sistema giudiziario Italiano e’ il piu’ garantista che fine ha fatto?

    Dicevo anche che lei e’ stato fortunato ad essere incriminato con una Americana e che sarebbe ora che raccontasse CIO’ che e’ successo.


  9. Raffaele —

    Hi. I loved your book and want to say I very much identify with your ordeal. I once loved Italy, the homeland of my parents and grandparents but since your trial have been nervous about going back to visit. Though I have never been in trouble with the law I noticed a serious political change even in Canada, where the justice system sometimes errs in legal rulings. I want to believe this problem is not widespread and restricted to Italy, but I know it’s not so. You show the right idea to travel, promote your book, study, and pursue interests. Wish you all the best. Happy Holidays.

  10. Hi,

    I have listened to Amanda’s book in audio book form and I’m listening to Raffaele”s book now. These two wonderful people are sort of cracking open the truth files on the Italian justice system and therefore increasing the chance of freedom for many innocents in Italy and many other countries who are faced with being sent to prison for horrible crimes they could not have committed. Stay strong Amanda! Stay strong Raffaele!

  11. Raffaele,
    I am so sad for you and Amanda, I have followed this case since the beginning and have never questioned whether you two are guilty or not. It is very clear that you are both innocent. It is a shame that you got brought into something just because you were dating an American that happened to live in the same house as a girl who got murdered.
    I used to want to travel to Italy, but I will never go there, and I am blessed to live in Canada. You do not deserve to go back to prison. I will pray for you. If there is ever a petition formed for you I will do my very best to get everyone I know to sign and support it.

    Alissa Becker

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