The Footprints on the corridor

During the second site inspection, the police has brought out with Luminol some barefoot prints only in the hallway between Meredith’s and Amanda’s rooms and in Amanda’s room.
All these prints have been tested by the local C.S.I. team to verify if these prints had been left after stepping over the victim’s blood. The tetramethylbenzidine tests effected in the laboratories of the C.S.I. Rome, gave a negative result, as also testified by WPF (work in progress files), normally filed in Court. The First Grade Court did not sentence anything different than this.
The Second Grade Court adfirms that these footprints were not left with the blood and stating also that the tetramethylbenzidine test is so sensible that a minimal qualtity of blood – like 5 red blood cells – is sufficient to get a positive result.
Nothing different from the First Grade verdict is reported in the appeal by the Attorney General where also no mention is made of any footprints left with the victim’s blood.
The Supreme Court instead, goes way beyond the First Grade verdict and the appeal from the Attorney General of Perugia and against the verdict of the judges of the Second Grade Court of Perugia stating clearly that the footprints are blood prints and that the blood of these prints was Meredith’s blood.
Therefore, the Supreme Cout goes deep into the case on the evidence (which they cannot because not entitled by the law), steps over the evaluations made and decisions taken by the only judges that were entitled by law to evaluate the case; all this without reading any files or paperwork related to the case inviting the Appeal Cort of Firenze to convict Amanda.
These are the horrible and obsene consequencies when a high and irrevocable Supreme Court does not stick with the only duty required by law to express only a verdict of Legitimacy.

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